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We've put on a bit of weight being cooped up at home with this issue... Confluence 11 has 100 pages of literary goodness.


We go into the world and we watch. That is what storytellers do. We steal particles of real lives, seasoned with some electrical impulse unique to each.

We mash our particular potatoes how we will and serve them back to the world in a way that it recognizes on crockery that only we possess, after a period of secluded reflection.

Writers self-isolate as a matter of course. When the page is before us nothing else can be allowed to intrude, we have soaked up enough humanity and now it is time to do what we do.

And that is what we are all doing now. Because now is the time that we must exhale and think about life. Because we must survive as best we can. Because it is the right thing to do.

To all who are reading this, and the people that matter to them, and the people that don’t but who still matter to somebody, be well.

All rivers are still one river.



Contributors this issue: In this bumper issue of our magazine there are 100 pages of new writing from voices that you've yet to discover and friends you will know.


Writers - Sara Collie, James Croal Jackson, Matt Duggan, Barry Fentiman Hall, Annette Freeman, Edward Ginn, Bethany Goodwill, Oz Hardwick, Sarah Hehir, Jason Jawando, David Lewitzky, Carolyn Oulton, Diana Powell, Monika R Martyn, Gerry Sloan, Sarah Tait, Jessica Taggart Rose, J Wallace Pringle, Jonathan Williams and Mark Wilmot.

Issue 11: out April 2020. Cover by Barry Fentiman Hall.

Please bear with us for any possible post delays.

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Issue 11 printed- £10 + £2.50 UK

Issue 11 PDF



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