Interviews and Q+As  

Maggie Harris photo

It was all yellow... 


Maggie Harris


Spit and Spindrift. 


SM Jenkin

Me at Newcastle Stanza.jpg

On politically and socially committed writing. (12/10/18)

Reuben Woolley

Jon Terranova photo

Giving more. 


Jon Terranova

Rei Lindeman photo

Our writing questionnaire. (1/2/18)

Rei Lindemann


Our writing questionnaire. (5/6/17)

Jo Eden


No regrets. 


Andrés N Ordorica

CR Smith photo by SM Jenkin

Our Writers' Development Schemer. (3/12/18)

CR Smith

Mark Connors at word club

To the left of Larkin.


Mark Connors

Photo of Bengt

Up close and personal.


Bengt O Björklund

Maria C MCarthy by Chris Tong

Cherry cheer.


Maria C McCarthy


Our writing questionnaire. (28/5/17)

Alexander Kolb


A romantic at heart. 


Rosemary McLeish


What is a 'Lied'? Leeds Lieder Festival. (28/11/18)

Hannah Stone

Kitty Coles headshot Jan 18.jpg

On writing a poem a week (ish). (7/5/18)

Kitty Coles


Our writing questionnaire. (5/2/18)

Maggie Drury

Chris Vannoy photo

San Diego Beat Poet Laureate on his life and poems. (31/8/17)

Chris Vannoy


Our writing questionnaire. (12/5/17)

Setareh Ebrahimi

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