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From the editor: 

Welcome, reader.

Once more I summon thee to the meeting of the rivers free from the constraints of time as the people out there who are not reading this understand it. We have an issue aching with the fruit of poetry though light on stories and totally lacking in drama. That’s plays I speak of. The poems are dramatic, natch.

We have sex, death, furniture, the sea, more sex, more death, agriculture, musical instruments, art, trips to the seaside to stare at a reflection of ourselves. Oh and pet burials. Mustn’t forget those. All the good stuff is here quite as you would expect it. And all of it shot through with the mud of life as interpreted by the inky stuff of Duncan Grant our featured illustrator for this issue.

Our predilections for what we write about are eternal. We float free on the currents that move us and touch the strings on the banjo of life just so. No one else can make that sound. As writers we sieve the big and the small through the objects we encounter. Be they guitars, settees, or amphibious creatures. But it is of human life and the living it that we speak. That is our job. To stand outside the crowd and take its measure. So many events beset us as I write this. And we will legislate them as we wish, when we wish. Though for now they are things that are happening out there, in the places that are ruled by ticking clocks, where people are not reading this.

Contributors this issue: 

Zack Davies, Maggie Drury, Angela Dye, Setareh Ebrahimi, Jo Eden, Aidan Hehir, Sarah Hehir, SM Jenkin, Philip Kane, Alexander Kolb, Bill Lewis, Rosemary McLeish, Clair Meyrick, Andrés Ordorica, Sam Rapp, Fiona Sinclair, Zoe Stegosaurus, Sarah Tait, Nicky Thompson.

Issue 4:June 2017. Illustrations by Duncan Grant.

*Please note: where possible we have used the spelling and punctuation provided by the writer.


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Issue 4 Confluence cover

Issue 4 PDF


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