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Writing can be hard, but oh what gifts it gives us, to the writer and the reader.

We can leave gardens to themselves and sin with the laws of time and space.

We can count every blade of grass shade by shade of green and brown, feel the heartbeat of everything that dwells there, real or imagined.

We can see memories in the mundane, the truth of things as plain as the print on a favourite mug.

We can walk the wilderness both on Earth and beyond, feel the fear and the regret of those who walk with us.

We can experience life and death encapsulated in 16 perfect lines.

We can hear the word action and take on the role like we were born to play it.

We are the river. We are the hills. We can shapeshift and talk to the animals.

We dream. We ghost. We think of what life could have been.

We are the people that have made it to ten issues of this magazine and we should all be very proud of ourselves, both the ones that live between these pages and the ones that went before.

Enjoy, reader, enjoy…



Contributors this issue: 
Charlotte Ansell; Zoe Brooks; Kitty Coles; Maddalena Eccher; Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon; Michael Hetherton; Pauline Holmes; Bill Lewis; Rachel Lowrie; DS Maolalai; Mel Powis; Neil M Thorne, John Tustin; Kate Whitehead; Joe Williams.

Issue 10: out Oct 2019. Illustrations by Jo Eden.

Confluence 10 cover

Issue 10 printed- £8 + £2.50 UK

Issue 10 PDF



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