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Our usual mix of new writing by writers from the UK and all around the world.

Contributors this issue: In this 92 page issue of our magazine there is new writing from voices that you've yet to discover and friends you will know, plus images by Clair Meyrick.


Writers -

Jane Ayres, Liam Boyle, Seth Crook, Michelle Diaz, ZD Dicks, JS Dorothy, Matt Duggan, David Dykes, Marco Etheridge, Richard Foreman, Kester Grieve, Oz Hardwick, Mark Holihan, J Clark Hubbard, TK Howell, Philip Kane, Maggie Mackay, DS Maolalai, Carolyn Martin, Kate Maxwell, Martin Meyler, Stephanie Powell, Derville Quigley, Carol Smith, Neil M Thorne, Dila Toplusoy, Robin Lindsay Wilson

Artwork by Clair Meyrick.

Issue 15: out 15 Dec 2023.


Issue 15

Print - SOLD OUT

PDF - £6

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