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This special issue  is a little bit different and available to read in its entirety online.

From the editor: 

This issue is linked to our text-art project ‘An Assemblance of Judicious Heretics’, where we anonymously team up writers and artists to see how the artists interpret the writers’ words. This is a Medway-based project – so there are considerably more Deltoids than Others for this issue!

The theme for this year's MMTAC (massive multi-artist text-art collaboration) was inspired by the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. 

The artwork and writing was on display at Rochester Library, Kent, from 17 October 2016 to the end of November. There is some stunning writing and art posted online from the exhibition, so please have a look. 

Contributors this issue: 

Featuring writing by: 
Dan Simpson, Bethany W Pope, Frater Xii Irrumabo, Phil Smith, Matt Chamberlain, Dasa Kruzlicova, Sally Evans, Barrie West, Sam Rapp, Neil R Wood, Nigel Adams, Sarah Hehir, Sam Hall, Lisa Vigour,  Angela Dye, Janine Booth, Clair Meyrick, Maggie Drury, Zack Davies, SM Jenkin, Spreken, Roy Smith, Philip Kane, Janine Crow, Neill Razz Saunders, Anne-Marie Jordan, Jonathan Terranova, Sarah March, Bill Lewis, Marie Lightman, Hayley Wishart, BFH, Zoe Stegosaurus 

Featuring artwork by:
Nikki Price, James Worse, Duncan Grant, Dianne Reeves, Riven Gray, Richard Jeferies, Emma Chamberlain, Lesley Ellen Cooperwaite, Lisa Vigour, Marilyn Simpson, Maggie Drury, Bronach Rae, Shaun Philip Hutchings, Laura Chuter, Abigail Ziering, Nigel Adams, Wynford Vaughan Thomas, Kieran A Brown, Heather Haythornthwaite, Didi Bergman, Chris Van Beck, Faye and Leah Brown, Janet Darley, David Bahia, Joff Insole, Bernice Friend, Sharon Manship, Dee Hudson, Jo Eden, Geoff Christie, Peter Reeds, Clair Meyrick

Issue 2: October 2016. 

*Please note: where possible we have used the spelling and punctuation provided by the writer.


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