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Welcome to our new look magazine! 

From the editor: 

Welcome to Issue 5 of Confluence. All rivers are still one river but they are now more compact and bijou. It is the very water of life that is concentrated here. The world’s words mixed with grain and aged for a lifetime…

Within these pages love and loss, remembrance and forgetting, gin and rhubarb, all life’s great themes spill out like excuses from a cabinet minister who took a few trips she never mentioned to her boss.

And here, at the pop up bar of The Secret Stanza, we sell it all and more. The light and the bitter from Cleckhuddersfax to Mancunia. Sweet SoCal wine served in shot glasses. Single malt firewater from The Highlands. The strange brews in stone jars they sip by The Humber and The Usk. The distilled hope of youth from Japan. Craft ale from The Baltic at 9 quid a bottle. Skol. You must drink…

From this river to your river, we thank you for stopping by. Mind how you go now…


We are grateful for the support of Arts Council England of our Confluence: Plant; Grow; Nurture project which will enable us to grow the magazine over the next year, as well as produce some exciting writing activities in Medway.

Contributors this issue: 

Bengt O Björklund, Matt Chamberlain, Gareth Writer-Davies, Sarah Dixon, Angela Dye, Barry Fentiman Hall, Sam Hall, Emily Harrison, Sarah Hehir, Rei Lindemann, Stephen Lockhart, Rosemary McLeish,  Connor Sansby, Chris Vannoy, and Louise Wilford.

Issue 5: December 2017. Illustrations by Heather Haythornthwaite.

*Please note: where possible we have used the spelling and punctuation provided by the writer.


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Read a Q+A with Rei Lindemann

Confluence 5 photo

Issue 5 printed - £7.50 + £2 UK P+P  

Issue 5 PDF -


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