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From the editor: 


And so we return to the water. It was inevitable. We cannot help but reach for the timeless. So we use “forever” words. The river. The reeds. The ice. We float and slide and sink and silt. We hark back to Clare, Larkin, Coleridge and Bracque. We lean on their strong imperfect shoulders. Art endures as stones do. As walls do. Crimson existed in the world before we could name it or recreate it.

The springs of the mind well up and flow to the tips of the fingers and sharpen our focus on wasps and bees and things that haunt us from the past.

How people change in the ways that they are unchanging. We cheat and lie and love and touch as always. We taste. We bite. Only the mediums differ. On the road. On a train. Online. Written on a wall. Tomorrow is not given but if we can interpret the truth of the beautiful now and the landscape of forever then we as poets, as
storytellers, have done our job. It is my belief that what you will find here has fulfilled that purpose.

Contributors this issue: 

Kitty Coles, Mark Connors, James Costello O’Reilly, Setareh Ebrahimi, SM Jenkin, Rosemary McLeish, Bridget Nolan, Joe Pickard, Ruth Payne, David Subacchi, Niall Shepherd, Fiona Sinclair, Mary Anne Smith, William Bedford.

Issue 6: April 2018. Photos by BFH.

*Please note: where possible we have used the spelling and punctuation provided by the writer.


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