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From the editor: 

Dear Reader

To be a writer is at times to have what might be termed an interesting relationships with people, with things, with other species. We step to one side, see the world at a slight angle. 

Through glass, through rituals, through secrets we keep doing the same old same old with a slight twist each time. We turn ourselves inside out, commune with ghosts, let rivers run through our heads, but we still make it home in time for tea most of the time. Covered in mud, blood, and wood shavings we travel by whatever means but there are things we cannot escape. 

Memory persists till the end of the innings, then lives on in photographs. We write sometimes when pictures will not do. Echoes. Press repeat. But always a little different each time. Here’s to the writers. Here’s to the readers. Here’s to all the ink, sweat, and tears in between. Enjoy.


Contributors this issue: 

Gordon Meade, Elizabeth Gibson, Samuel Yearley, Gareth Writer-Davies, Sarah Summerson, Maria C McCarthy, Sarah L Dixon, David Dykes, Rei Lindemann, Rodney Wood, Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon, Dot, Byron Beynon, Chris Hardy, George Aitch, Barry Fentiman Hall

Issue 7: August 2018. Illustrations by Pev.

*Please note: where possible we have used the spelling and punctuation provided by the writer.


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Confluence 7 photo

Issue 7 printed - £7.50 + £2 UK P+P  

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