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From the editor: 

Welcome, reader.

Are you sitting comfortably? Is the remote and the snack tray within easy reach? Are all your mobile devices turned off and cast aside? Then we shall begin.

Let the cast be named, ticker style, scrolling across an intriguing landscape. Not named, but familiar. Let the plot unfold, set in a place that is not here and a time that is not now, even though we’ve all been there and relive it every day.

All screens are silver if they reflect us back at ourselves. The lead actors know how we feel. What it means to lose something precious. The joy of the small victories. The thrill of the chase. They are eternal idols even when their own personal curtain falls and we throw flowers at their feet.

And when the titles roll and the strings swell we know we have been taken to a new place and can never be the same again. This is Poetry - The Movie. Get the popcorn in and get close in the back row. This is going to be intense. 


Contributors this issue: 
Rosie Allabarton, Matt Chamberlain, Kitty Coles, Mark Connors, Jessica Jane Draper, Maya A Horton, Bill Lewis, Chin Li, Rosemary McLeish, Tadhg Muller, Ben Ray, Belinda Rimmer, Derek Sellen.

Issue 8: November 2018. Illustrations by Laura Chuter.

Confluence 8 cover

Issue 8 printed- £7.50

+ £2 UK postage  

Issue 8 PDF



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