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From the editor: 

Welcome, reader.

The poetry of moments and the stories that we tell about them are all that remain on the page. The leavings and the meetings and the spaces in between. We dream of what we’ve lost and the things that were never said. We can sail deserts and throw ashes on water, bruising the flesh of the one river. We can speak of dying stars under sympathetic gaslight, to those that wish to listen.

Druids and fantasists may debate the meaning of god and potatoes here, neon red minds might draw blood from the canvas with precise flicks of the knife. We will paint the yellow sand orange if we must to keep the evidence of death at bay. Scratch life’s itch with the tip of the blade. It will all come back to us as we contemplate the trees, cleft by lightning, in flood where once they wept with thirst.

Under constant threat of war, the weak and biddable will welcome the wolves into their home. We have no answers here, only revelations on the nature of the emergency. There is strong stuff within these pages reader, so please be sure to always read the label.


Luton Heights, March 2019

Contributors this issue: 
Paras Abbasi, Sarah Armstrong, Jane Ayres, Dan Cardoza, Natalie Crick, Matt Duggan, Maggie Harris, Andrew Innes, Philip Kane, Patty Lafferty, Gill Lambert, Maria C McCarthy, Rosemary McLeish, Beth Somerford, Hannah Stone, Jessica Taggart Rose, Linda Wilgus.

Issue 9: March 2019. Illustrations by Rosemary McLeish.

Cover Issue 9

Issue 9 printed- £7.50

+ £2 UK postage  

Issue 9 PDF



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