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Our launch issue which had the theme of ‘Memento Fluvium’ (Remember the River).

From the editor: 

Welcome, reader.

A short while ago it occurred to us that the place I refer to as The Medway Delta has a seriously happening literature scene and that it was time it was captured all in one place. Then we thought hang on, does that include Dartford? And so on, until the net widened so far that we simply had to accept that all rivers meet all other rivers eventually. And why not? So we devised Confluence, a place where rivers meet.

Not so very long ago ships sailed from the Medway to every part of the planet, normally it must be said, in order to point large guns at it. Well, we don’t do that anymore. We prefer to meet the world now in a spirit of literary friendship. That’s what Confluence is. Where The Delta meets the world.

In this first issue I think we manage that pretty darn well. We asked for poetry, prose, and plays and we got all three of them. From as far away as California and as near as a house I can see from the end of the street I am typing in.

Thanks to all who submitted. And thank you for stopping by to read their work. We are The Delta, and we are pleased to meet you.

Contributors this issue: 
Janine Booth, sean burn, Matt Chamberlain, Nancy Charley, David Cramer Smith, Zack Davies, Rachel Davis, Sarah Hehir, Dan Horrigan, SM Jenkin, Daphne Margolys, Tara Moyle, Angel Uriel Perales, Cameron Williamson

Issue 1: August 2016. Illustrations by Katarina Rankovic.

*Please note: where possible we have used the spelling and punctuation provided by the writer.


You can read all of Confluence issue one on our old website. It's not as pretty as the pdf though!

Q+A with David Cramer Smith whose story 'Classmates' Parents' Cars' features in issue one.  

Front cover issue 1

Issue 1 PDF 


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