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Book Review: 11:12:18

by Louise Tondeur

Our reviewer is fascinated by Louise Tondeur's eye for the details in the short stories in Unusual Places

Louise Tondeur’s Unusual Places is a fascinating collection of short stories and flash fiction which are connected through the theme of relationships, both platonic and romantic.

The situations that Tondeur explores in these stories are so specific that it shouldn’t be possible for the reader to relate to them. However, the level of description about every place and every character allows us to feel as though we are really there, experiencing the same things as the narrators.

Most of the stories that focus on romantic relationships showcase LGBT+ relationships. However there are still stories, such as ‘A Professional Picnicker Meets Her True Love’, that demonstrate heterosexual relationships, meaning that Tondeur is very cleverly able to reach out to a wider audience.

All of the stories are brilliant at creating their own moods with their own characters, immediately drawing the reader in.

‘Fragments Found in a Tunnel’ is one of the pieces of flash fiction that separates part one and part two of short stories. Immediately, you’re transported into the tunnel, and you’re stuck there with no escape. This is a terrifying piece that will make even the bravest of us hope desperately for a way out.

My personal favourite story in this collection is ‘Red Roof’. I found myself drawn in by the characters and the potential blossoming romance. I was excited by all of the characters and their relationships between each other, and more than anything else, I found myself wanting to be there with them.

This is a fantastic collection of short stories and flash fiction. Tondeur is fantastic at captivating the reader and transporting them to new and unusual places.

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Louise Tondeur – Unusual Places

Cultured Llama, July 2018

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