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Book Review: 27:02:19

by Gareth Writer-Davies

Cover of The Lover's Pinch
Our reviewer finds a great economy in Gareth Writer-Davies' first poetry collection: The Lover's Pinch

I recommend this little book as a guide to new poets. Writer-Davies has learned the economy of language. There is not a wasted word and every line counts, and there are some great lines in this book. Writer-Davies has an eccentric poetic voice that puts him in line with writers such as Ivor Cutler and Sexton Ming.


In 'Portrait of a Lady and Her Dog' we read: she/ looks out of the portrait/ also to the side/ the painter/ knew where love lay/ that art/ cleaves to money like a flea.

Also there is some eccentric humour that comes at you from left field.  Seen here in one particularly dry (almost Leonard Cohen-like) poem,

'Thanks for the Advice':

                          I did what you said



                          a look in the mirror



                          random acts of kindness



                          senseless declarations of beauty



                          for the advice


                          I am now too good for you.


Get it:

Gareth Writer-Davies - The Lover's Pinch 

Arenig. May 2018.

ISBN 978-1999849115
Buy from Arenig

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